Acquisition Financing and our Top Lenders and Accredited Investors can help connect you with the acquisition capital that you need to complete your business acquisition. Our services have been uniquely designed for a single purpose: to help serious business people obtain the private capital that’s required to achieve their goals. We have exclusive access to a network of International financiers who are eager to provide business capital and private funding.

Types of Acquisition Financing:

  • Cash
  • Stock
  • Term Loan
  • SBA 7(A) Loan

Connecting our clients with billions of dollars of private capital resources, over the years, is not something that happened by chance. Rather, it’s the result of carefully considered and well-written business planning documentation, motivated clients, and our meaningful relationships with private investment sources. Let us put our years of experience to work for YOU!

No one in the business funding solutions Industry does a better job than us to ensure your privacy, as well as the confidential nature of your financial requirements and our role in the transaction of your Project funding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acquisition Financing

Acquisition Financing is a type of business funding obtained for the purpose of purchasing another business. When a company seeks to acquire another company, it will usually require some type of acquisition capital, and this is known as “acquisition financing”.

This type of funding can provide the purchaser with the immediate capital resources needed to complete the transaction. There are several options for companies that are seeking acquisition financing.

Although M&A are often used together and confused for the same thing, a merger and an acquisition serve slightly different purposes for businesses. A merger occurs when two companies combine and agree to go forward as a new company. An acquisition occurs when one company purchases or acquires another company and establishes itself as the new owner. In the instance of an acquisition, a new company is not usually formed.

For more information on obtaining merger and acquisition funding, private capital, or any questions regarding our funding process, feel free to Contact Us. To begin a funding application, simply follow the “Pre-Qualify Now” link to get started. Let and our Top Lenders and Accredited Investors help you get the private business funding that you need for your business or project.

  • Horizontal Merger
  • Vertical Merger
  • Concentric Merger
  • Conglomerate Merger

Mergers and Acquisitions can provide many advantages for a business, some of which include the ability for a company to compete on an international scale, allow for a more substantial investment into research and development, allow a company to network economies, provide greater company efficiency, protect a declining industry, or even for the purposes of diversification.

Mergers and Acquisitions can also lead to disadvantages within a business or industry. Some of these include the potential for higher prices, fewer options, job losses, and where workers feel less valuable and may be less motivated to give their best.

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