Auto Repair Shop Consumer Financing

Don’t Leave Money on The Table

As an owner of an auto-repair shop, have you ever had a customer walk in to ask you to do a transmission overhaul, only for your customer to realize it may cost $5,000 or $8,000? Then they leave you with a sinking feeling! The customer walks out without placing an order? They can’t afford it? And you have obviously lost a potential sale?

Then it gets worse. Instead of you losing only 1 such sale, by weekend, you realize you have lost 3 such customers, summing up to 12 important lost orders by month end? That’s an easy $60,000 you could have made in your auto shop. Only if you could find a financing partner who works with you seamlessly in house, to help you close those deals before your customers walk out the door.

Would it not be nice for you to be able to say to your customer, “We have in-house financing, you don’t have to pay a cent now. I can fix your car, you pay later, at small affordable instalments.”

That’s why is here to help you. We don’t want you to lose any potential sales.

To demonstrate how much money you possibly are leaving out on the table, kindly punch in your Auto Repair Shop figures in all PURPLE colored cells, and our tool will calculate for you how much money you probably are not harvesting as potential sales!

Why Choose NMC.FIT

Our Auto repair loans, also referred to as auto repair financing, are meant to cover sudden expenses like when your customer wants to replace broken parts or fix accident damage. fast funding can help finance the cost of your clients’ vehicle repairs — so you can focus on just servicing your clients and making money.

Your Auto-Repair Customers Are Not Just a Credit Score.

Your Auto-Repair customers are more than a number in a database, and they deserve a loan designed for them. When you apply online on our site for them, it takes only 24 hours for them to get approved. Our advanced algorithms will take a broad look at their finances to create an offer just for them. Your customers can use our financing and get funded easy peasy, even if they have bad credit scores as low as 300-400.

You can pre-qualify them now on the link below.