Auto Repair Business Funding


Maybe, you’re wondering how to grow your  Auto Repair Business, and you’ve decided a loan could help. With so many funding choices and lenders, though, the process to get your  Mechanic Shop Financing  can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we’re breaking down your options and providing you with the information you need to know to apply for an auto repair shop loan.

How Will You Use Your Mechanic Tool Financing?

Even if you have money in reserves, you might not want to tap into your funds for a big purchase. Obtaining an Auto Repair Business Loan from and our Top Lenders and Top Accredited Investors, could help you preserve your working capital for everyday needs. Let’s look at a few reasons you might apply for auto repair business financing.

Get New Equipment

If your equipment and tools have seen better days, and you’re looking to upgrade, Auto Repair Equipment Financing can help. Whether you need new welding devices, diagnostic equipment or vehicle lifts, there are various funding options available. Depending on the specific type of financing, you could use your funds to purchase or lease the machinery you need.

Grow Your Business

Perhaps you’d like to expand to another location or add square footage to your existing shop. Or maybe you’d like to increase your advertising and market to new clientele. Whatever the case, you can use financing to help you build your automotive repair business.

Get Help for Everyday Expenses

Maybe your business is experiencing a lull, and you need help with operational expenses to keep your doors open. If that’s the case, there are financing options that can help you with your cash flow until business picks up. You can use borrowed funds to pay rent, utilities and your staff.

Increase Your Parts Inventory

Keeping a steady supply of the inventory you need to run your garage successfully is vital. For mechanic shops, financing might help with maintaining stock levels of inventory, such as tires, filters, batteries and more. If you own an auto body shop, financing could help ensure your workers have the high-quality paint and collision repair materials they need to operate.

Our Loans Highly Trusted and our Top Lenders and Top Accredited Investors  is already a trusted funding source for countless business owners. The majority of our merchants return to us again, and again when their business require capital. Whether your auto shop is large, or small, we have the funding options you need to grow your business.

Auto shop business owners are typically more traditional, and prefer face-to-face business relationships. This makes them more apprehensive about seeking business funding from online providers. Sadly, for many of these owners, this leads them to the mistaken conclusion that they don’t have alternative funding options available, and that finding a loan is simply out of reach and our Top Lenders and Top Accredited Investors understands these challenges; we’re here to make the process as simple, and painless as possible. We understand the failure rate for auto shop businesses is high, due to the required shift in competencies from mechanic, to business owner; oftentimes, having capital available to ease the transition, hire capable staff and management teams, can make the world of difference in this risky industry.

How to Get Auto Repair Business Financing Loans

Pre-qualify Online

To get prequalified, follow our Pre-Qualify Now button and enter some basic business information.

Approval Status

After your submission has been processed, our Business Consultant will reach out with the status and timeframe for approval.

Receive Your Auto Business Loans Funding

Upon approval and your acceptance of the offer, funds are deposited directly into your bank account so you can use the money immediately.