Non-Recourse Lending

Non-Recourse Lending

These are unsecured loans that are mostly fit for humanitarian purposes. When we lend out to you, the loan is only secured by the “listed collateral.” In the event that you fail to pay the loan, we would only recover amounts owed to the extent of the cover provided by the assets listed in the collateral and no further than that.

We can therefore be considered as expecting payment from the proceeds of the deal for which the funds where borrowed.

Non-recourse loans come to you at cheap rates. If your project is clearly of a humanitarian nature (of clear benefit to the region, putting substantial numbers of people to work); taking place in a developing (non G-7) country, Intrepid may well have the perfect funding vehicle for you!

Non-Recourse Loan Benefits:

  • Low Interest Rate
  • Non-Recourse Lending Terms
  • Genuinely Fast Closings
  • 100% Financing Available

WHY CHOOSE NMC.FIT ? and our Top Lenders and Accredited Investors enjoy a world-wide reputation for the facilitation of this type of funding. If a quick turnaround, low interest rate, non-recourse funding solution is what you seek, call us today and get this incredible process started.

What is the Process to Apply for a Non-Recourse Loan?

For more information on obtaining a Non-Recourse Loan or any questions regarding business funding, business loans, or financing for humanitarian natured projects, feel free to Contact Us. To begin a funding application, simply follow the “Pre-Qualify Now” link to get started. Let and our Top Lenders and Accredited Investors help you get the funding that you need.

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