Seven Ways to Get More Sales in Your Convenience Store Post Covid-19

Do you want your Convenience Store to become one of those stores that gets super explosive sales? Do you desire to make your shoppers very happy and loyal at the same time?

So, ask yourself — are you well-known around town? Or is your shop, just another Convenience Store, waiting to fade away? Either way, you must be striving for that much-heralded staple status. Remembering, you can never take your eyes off the prize.

Especially during these Covid-19 times, you need to focus intensely on looking for new and exciting ways of attracting customers to your store. Economists project that Convenience Stores will find it easier to do well in these Covid-19 times, more than any of the other sectors in the US economy, since people need to stock on food and basic items, to be able to stay indoors.

Sure, even with sloppy Convenience Store sales strategies, you can still get straggling customers just by existing — but that’s not enough to take your store to the next level.

I can bet that if you follow the tips below, you’ll soon have made enough profits in your Convenience Store, to consider opening another store and take chance at the growth boom available for stores during these Covid-19 times.

Here are the seven killer sales strategies for Convenience Stores, you can implement right away:

1. Aim for Very High Sales.

You don’t necessarily need to be spot on and imprudent with your sales target goal-setting, when it comes to attracting more customers, to your Convenience Store.

Still, you must target for such high growth in your customer daily foot traffic numbers and sales. Or else you will be floored by your competitors. If you aim too low, with some luck you may still… just scrap by. All the same, such sloppy sales and daily foot traffic may be too low for your potential.

Now how do you set your sales and daily foot traffic targets high enough and still be prudent, at the same time reflecting a healthy ambition?

All you have to do is think of a specific number of average daily foot traffic, and sales, then think of what you’d describe as a decent number. Then add a factor of 10–20%.

This way, you are being ambitious enough for the growth of your Convenience Store, yet you would have been prudent at the same time. It’s always healthy, to set the bar a bit higher.

Now if you go on and implement steps 2 to 7 below, you may be surprised to find it easy to get such high sales and much daily foot traffic to your Convenience Store.

2. Start Promoting Your Convenience Store on Social Media.

As a Convenience Store owner, like most retailers, you may be paying close attention to transaction counts and sales per customer most of the time. Until recently, getting to know your shoppers personally must have seemed costly and out of reach for you.

Even when you would start to imagine having a chance to communicate with your shoppers, and getting to know their friends and family as well from their peer groups, that might have seemed outright ridiculous too.

These days however, thanks to the internet and to the emergence of social networking sites, the opportunity to connect with your shoppers and their network of relationships is within every Convenience Store owner’s reach.

Social media platforms you can use to promote your Convenience Stores include Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, FourSquare, and Twitter. Of these tools, the explosive growth and popularity of Facebook make it a great place to start.

Even during these post-Covid times, over the last 12 months, Facebook has seen its active user base in the US grow from 220 million to over 223 million. As at 2020, Facebook had 3.2 times more unique monthly visitors than Twitter, and over 30 times more daily users than MySpace.

According to Hitwise, Facebook commands a 51% share of all social media Convenience Store site visits in the US.

That means that 1 of 2 US Convenience Store visitors coming to a social media website are going to Facebook. Need more convincing that Facebook is where you should start?  Facebook is now the second most visited website in the US, after Google, and its visitors spend an astronomical average of 55 minutes per day on the site.

In these Covid-19 times, promoting your Convenience Store on social media platforms, especially on Facebook, definitely stands out as a sure way to give your store explosive sales growths and profits.

3. Start Launching Digital Loyalty Programs.

Your Convenience Store needs high customer loyalty. When you use digital loyalty programs that are phone or tablet based, you eliminate the traditional cumbersome use of physical cards that are easy to lose and expensive to print.

You can actually design your own digital stamp card with Loopy Loyalty. These digital loyalty stamps work with mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

So how does it all work in your Convenience Store? Say your loyal customer purchases $10 worth of items, you can then award them with one digital stamp, for instance. When they get to collect five stamps or have spent $50, you can then reward them with a free chocolate bar, candy, beverage, or any other snack.

This alone can be so effective in your Convenience Store that your loyal customer can choose to visit your shop to redeem their benefit on digital stamps. Such visits can easily increase the daily foot print to your Convenience Store and can result in even more sales.

US Convenience Store customers just love loyalty programs, take advantage of this fact, and word will spread about the awesomeness of your Convenience Store.

4. Improve Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Not so surprising, in the 2007 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, after surveying more than 28,000 internet respondents in 56 countries, researchers found that 92 percent of consumers believe in suggestions from friends and family, more than they believe in adverts.

Your Convenience Store can thus experience explosive sales growth from word-of-mouth marketing.

So how do you kick start a good gossip about your Convenience Store? You can easily be the talk of the small town or city-corner, just by making certain that you give an exceptional service quality at a fair price, within an impressively stocked and clean Convenience Store.

To be therefore, adequately stocked in your Convenience Store, you must note specific items that your regular customers like and make an effort to always replenish at the right time. With these things in place, your shoppers will never leave disappointed.

Enhancing the customer experience is something some of the most successful businesses in the world obsess over. Your Convenience Store should be no different. By following this methodology, you’ll make customers feel obligated to spread the word to their family, friends, and neighbors around town, increasing your popularity and sales.

5. Start Launching In-Store Contests.

Host a raffle, or run a contest on Facebook. Interestingly, this can easily trigger a chain reaction of word-of-mouth marketing for your Convenience Store.

You don’t need to go crazy with prizes. It could be something as simple as half-off soda for a month. Or one free chocolate bar a day for a week.

When you have a little bit of fun with your customers and do things like run contests, it creates a welcoming atmosphere at your Convenience Store.

6. Start Offering Community Services.

You will notice that your Convenience Store is a hub for neighborhoods and local businesses in your area. If you’re running your store the right way, you should start being a pillar to your community.

If there are any community events, you sure want to be present. Make yourself known. Remember, you already are a local staple, since everybody relies on your Convenience Store. So, you’ll stand out even more when you volunteer during a nearby music festival, or at a charity event, or social services gala for instance.

As a small local business, establishing goodwill amongst a town’s citizens is so crucial to your success and makes people get behind you.

7. Be Passionate About Serving Shoppers.

Service with a smile might be cliché you have heard so many times. And it’s cliché that holds truth for your Convenience Store.

You really need to be a Convenience Store owner who not only can have staff service shoppers with a smile, but also, can motivate staff enough to have them exude genuine, pure and passionate love for their job which radiates from the inside out.

For your Convenience Store staff to be able to display this kind of radiance, they really must love their job, and they must love coming to work. What puts them in this position? You have to be paying them well, they have to have proper uniforms and Covid-19safety gear, and you have to respect their opinions relating to work.

You can do many more things for your staff as well, like train them, lead them by example, being kind to them and so forth.

Once your Convenience Store shoppers start enjoying this exuberance for passion at work, you will also see the results in increased daily foot traffic to your shop, and more sales and more profits. Your shoppers will also increase their loyalty, as well as make more favorable word of mouth marketing for your Convenience Store.

It’s a win-win for you.


You might find need for cash to: buy more stocks, staff uniforms, pay for promotions, pay for staff training, and buy Covid-19 staff safety gear, buy equipment to enable customer in-store social distancing, buy detergents and cleaning materials for Covid-19 sanitation for your Convenience Store and more.

All these are resources and tools you need to be able to effectively implement the seven killer ways to get more sales in your Convenience Store, during these Covid-19 times.

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